Mount Hope Industrial Park

“Developing the Mount Hope Industrial Park has had substantial impact by bringing approximately 500 jobs to Fayette County,” said Connie Lupardus, CAEZ Executive Director. Almost 40 acres of land for the park was purchased and developed by CAEZ in 2000 at a cost of $3 million.

Four businesses currently occupy the industrial park. “In addition to the important jobs they provide, these businesses contribute to the city’s tax base,” said Mount Hope Mayor Michael Martin. “And they bring new families into our community who contribute in so many ways as residents.” Mayor Martin is also Chairman of the CAEZ Board of Directors.

West Virginia Governor Bob Wise was instrumental in bringing the first tenant to the industrial park, Global Contact Service (GCS), in November 2001. GCS provides contact center services and help desk functions for clients including Fortune 500 insurance companies. The Mount Hope operation was their first insurance center.

CAEZ plans to construct a technology building on the remaining five acres of the park. It will be an appropriate facility for high-tech companies to conduct research and manufacture products. For information about locating your business in the Mount Hope Industrial Park, call Connie Lupardus at 304-587-2034 or 800-935-3921.

Utility Services Available
Mt_Hope_Ind Park
1 mile from U.S. Route 19 (4-Lane Freeway)
20 miles from Raleigh County Memorial Airport (BKW)
60 miles from Yeager Airport (CRW)
CSX Railroad adjacent to property
Appalachian Power Company provides 480 voltage 3 phase power service
Mountaineer Gas Company provides natural gas service
City of Mount Hope provides fresh water and sewage service with a 10-inch mains
Verizon provides digital telephone and broadband service

Businesses in Mount Hope Industrial Park

American Refractory Company LLC
103 Martin Drive, Mount Hope WV 25880

Gene Spadaro Juvenile Detention Center
106 Martin Drive, Mount Hope WV 25880
304-877-6890, Fax (304)-877-6929

Global Contact Services
Operating Headquarters
101 Martin Drive, Mount Hope WV 25880
800-379-2381, 304-877-0427, Fax 304-877-6121

Mankin Equipment, Inc.
103 Martin Drive, Mount Hope WV 25880