J.G. Bradley Campground

Lodge and Campsite J. G. Bradley Campground offers tent and RV camping along the mouth of Buffalo Creek and the Elk River where the community of Dundon once stood. A lodge and cabins are under construction and will be available for rental in summer 2010. Water and electrical service is provided to campers. A sanitary dump station is on site. For reservations call Roger Nutter at 304-587-6055.

The campground park was named for Joseph Gardner Bradley (b. 1881) – also known as J. G. Bradley – of Dundon, West Virginia. He was the grandson of Simon Cameron and Joseph P. Bradley; son of William Hornblower Bradley and Eliza McCormack (Cameron) Bradley; and married Mabel Bayard Warren. Republican. A Harvard educated coal mining magnate, Mr. Bradley was the organizer of Elk River Coal and Lumber Co. and the Buffalo Creek & Gauley Railroad, director of Central Iron and Steel Co., founder of the town of Widen, W.Va., and delegate to 1916 Republican National Convention from West Virginia.

The depot for rides on the historic Buffalo Creek & Gauley Railroad is adjacent to the campground. “By sharing a portion of our railroad heritage with visitors to J. G. Bradley Campground, we hope to keep the history of Dundon, Clay, and Swandale alive,” said Connie Lupardus, CAEZ Executive Director. “Our plan is to continue to enhance the campground guest experience as funding is available to do so.”

The Central Appalachian Empowerment Zone (CAEZ) received $190,000 from the 2009 Onmibus Appropriations Bill for the completion of the lodge. The lodge has seen an increased number of visitors by providing a nice facility for group outings to enjoy the excellent fishing and recreational opportunities the area offers. “West Virginia is deep in natural and cultural beauty and history, and it is important that we work to preserve, renovate and restore these icons so that the public can better understand and continue to access and explore these great and beautiful treasures of the Mountain State,” said U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd, D-W.Va. “These efforts will also stimulate job creation, as well as attract more tourists to the area.”